UAV Nikasil cylinder block
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UAV Nikasil cylinder block

Place of Origin: China


Material: Aluminium


Model Number: UAV01


Cylinder Diameter: 47.5MM


Engine Type: 2-Stroke


Color: Silver


Plating: Ceramic (Ni-SiC/Nikasil) ,Chrome


Apply to: UAV engine


MOQ: 100 PCS


Categories: UAV Cylinder block

UAV cylinder

UAV cylinder block

Ceramic cylinder block

Ceramic UAV cylinder block

Ni-SiC plated UAV cylinder block



Advantage Of Nikasil (Ni-SiC/Ceramic) Cylinder Assy


• Extra wear-resisting performance


• Special lubricating performance


• Excellent heat dissipation


• Stable with precision High power, low fuel consumption


• Ceramic layer hardness HV550-750


• Providing Samples and also support OEM service.



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